I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away.

This tumblr will contain copious amounts of booty, music, and cats.

—i'll tell you when i'm done


Vowel || I’ll Tell You When I’m Done


Indian Summer - Indian Summer

(You can’t see it but the vinyl has a brown hue under the right light.)

I Hate Myself

—...And Keep Reaching For Those Stars

Yeah, look at me
sad and low and lonely
dead-end job, a slob, and fucked up all the time.
I’m going nowhere.
I’d rather go somewhere instead.
I’m gonna blow a hole through the back of my head.
Don’t cry when I say good-bye.

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—Chaque Seconde


Chaque Seconde || Daïtro

Every second is a new life.

Sed Non Satiata



que tout ceci ne changera jamais // all this will never change

It was walking into the stadium, that’s what gripped me, the size of it — I was in awe of the whole place. I just love everything; the badge, the history.

-Gary Neville

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